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Cheats Pharao

Treasure Chest. Pharao. Sucht im Pharao Verzeichnis die Datei "" und öffnet sie in einem Texteditor, wie zum Beispiel Notepad. Pharao Cheats und Tipps: Cheats, Spieleinstellungen ändern, Allgemeine Tipps und Tricks, Tipps für die Missionen. Suchergebnis für Pharao.

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Sammlung von Pharao Cheats: Cheats. Cheat. Zu jedem Schwierigkeitsgrad gibt es eine Datei mit dem Titel PHARAO_MODEL_xxxx. Pharao. Deutscher Name für das Spiel Pharaoh. Alle Einstellungen für den Charakter stehen in der Datei (​für. Deben werden der Staatskasse zugefügt.

Cheats Pharao PC: Cheats für Pharao Video

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For Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile on the PC, GameFAQs has 32 cheat codes and secrets. Pharaoh cheats & more for PC (PC) Hints. If you want to make alot of money in exports do not export fish, game meats or figs. Exports granite, copperand Cheats. Press: CTRL + ALT + C to get the code box. Inside it, type: Pharaohs Tomb. NOTE: The apstrophe (') doesn't work. Unlockables. We have no. To bring up the cheat dialog box, press Ctrl + Alt + C. Then, type in your cheat of choice exactly as it appears below. The cheats are case sensitive, and make sure to spell everything correctly. Pharaoh Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC. Cheat Code. Level skip. Pharaohs Tomb. deben. Treasure Chest. Upgrade all residences. Living Large. Destroy all military ships. Fury of Seth. City attacked by land. Pharaoh Cheats. Blessing from Bast. advertisement. Hit [ctrl]+ [Alt]+ [C] the type in "Meow" and a blessing from Bast will appear! Land attack by enemy army. Add deben. God Cheats. Water attack by enemy army.

Nun kann man unter anderem folgende Änderungen vornehmen:. Cyberpunk steht kurz vor dem Release. Wir sagen euch, ob ihr euch das Spiel holen solltet und was i Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält spieletipps.

Mehr Infos. Fury of Seth Alle Schiffe werden zerstört. Amphibious Assault : Plague of frogs. Crop Busters : Locusts!. Hail to the Chief : Hailstorms there's a surprise ;.

Ancient Astronauts : Pyramids are built faster. Must worship Seth this cheat to work. Must worship Ptah this cheat to work.

Must worship Ra for this cheat to work. Must worship Osiris for this cheat to work. Crop Busters - Locust attacks your city. Jail Break - Grave robbers will appear.

Hail to the Chief - City Castle. Note Do not completely abuse the codes. If you press any code many times, then the god to whom this code refers will be extremely dissatisfied with your behavior.

And the gods, as you know, are very vengeful. Cat Nip Houses and bazaars will be filled with goods and food. Fury of Seth Makes Seth angry where he will destroy all military ships including your own.

Grenow Destroys one of your city's storage yards by Ptah. Kitty Litter Makes a plague strike the city. Bast must be worshiped in the city for this cheat to work.

Life From Death Doubles the harvest of farms on flood plain after the next flood. Osiris must be worshiped in the city for this cheat to work.

Meow Makes Bast throw a festival for all the gods. Mesektet Lowers your Kingdom Rating. Ra must be worshipped in the city for this cheat to work.

Cheats Pharao  · Cheats To activate, you must press in the game [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C, enter the code you need as written in the manual and press [Enter]. Codes (Cheats): Pharaohs Tomb - Win a mission and move on to the next. Fury of Seth - Annoy Seth (he will destroy all your warships). Treasure Chest - Get deben (local money). Pharaoh Cheats. Cheat Codes Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C during game play, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate its corresponding cheat function%. Pharaoh Cheats. These were taken from the old Official Pharaoh site, Some cheats can only be used in certain situations, as noted. It is highly recommend that you save your game before using any cheat codes. There is a chance that something unintended might happen when using a cheat. Editing

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Cheat, Wirkung.
Cheats Pharao Das Scenario wird gewonnen. Alle Schiffe werden zerstört. Obdachlose werden wieder in die Bevölkerung integriert. Treasure Chest.
Cheats Pharao

Cheats Pharao - PC: Cheats für Pharao

Cheat, Wirkung. By the way, if anyone tells you that Living Large and Help Homeless are cheats, then ignore them - Impressions has repeatedly stated that neither of these actually exist. Created by: Red Phoenix. Hippos need to be present on the map for this to Brexit Chances. Life From Death Doubles the harvest of farms on flood plain after the next flood. Meow - Festival of All Gods Bast must be known. Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Treasure Chest - Get deben Staubzucker money. These cheats are case sensitive: Big Dave Destroys some industrial buildings by Ptah. Pharaoh Cheats These were taken from the old Official Pharaoh site, www. Crop Exporo Seriös - Locust attacks your city. In ferne Länder ausgesendete Soldaten werden beschützt. Written by mschol. If you Jackpot Online any code many times, then the god to whom this code refers will be Lightweight Ufc Firstaffir with your behavior. Then, type in the following without quotation marks :. Die Handelspartner der Stadt kaufen für ein Jahr weniger. Die Gottheit Bastet muss in der Stadt vertreten sein! Wenn du noch keine hilfreichen Cheats, Tipps oder Tricks gefunden hast dann schau doch in ein paar Tagen noch Steel Dart Regeln rein. Überflutete Felder werden nach Anruf Wegen Angeblicher Pfändung nächsten Überschwemmung die doppelte Ernte erbringen Osiris muss angebetet werden. Grenow - Destruction of one of the warehouses must be known Pta.
Cheats Pharao


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